Saturday, July 20, 2019

Feeling Done

This is the north side of the backyard. The Fern Garden is on the left.
The green area to the right is all I have left to finish.
That green area to the left of the wheelbarrow is the section I've yet to do.
The area behind the Garden of Stolen Stones (under the trees) is also done.
And this is the south-west part of the yard that I have done.
I'm going to remove the grass you see in the bottom of the photo.

Friday morning’s “party” at Stacey’s was really nice. We were eight, all with dogs, and we had lots of delicious treats, coffee and tea. But best of all, was being on her deck outside of her absolutely gorgeous waterfront home.
I came home to get back to the landscaping, and I worked hard! I was highly motivated because I’m almost done. I had only a small patch left to do this morning and I expected to finish today, but I’ve decided to remove the section of lawn I thought I’d leave in place.
The existing lawn has dead spots and it’s full of Dandelions so I’m going to remove it so that the entire yard is the same grass. Why not? All it takes is time and I have lots of that and I won’t be seeding until September.
But before I get back to the landscaping, I’m going to the Farmers’ Market this morning to get supplies for Bruce, Caryn and Bill’s visit on Monday. I’m also start tidying up the vegetable garden a little bit and mowing the front lawn. 
Life is dullish but ideal for me at Pinecone Park.

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