Monday, July 8, 2019

The Regent's View

The colours of my Fuchsia match those of my bruises.
Hard work Side effect: Blisters. Sigh.
Oregon Grape berries in my garden.
My Peas!! Yum!
The Leprechaun Wall.
The part coloured light green occupying most of the photo shows you the land
I've cleared in the past three days of work. This is a huge part of section three, done.

I was very happy to be back at work today. Progress is slow, but steady. As usual, I’m energized to carry on by the thrill I get from seeing more and more of the yard looking groomed.
I’m building the Great Leprechaun Wall with bloody billions of little stones. Sadly for my back, it involves relentless bending and rising as I fetch them from where I’m working right now on the yard and more of the same as I deposit them on the border between where I will plant and the area furthest back in my yard that I will leave “wild.”
I have Peas growing already—lots of them. I am truly thrilled. The cost of the box and soil and the amount of work it takes to maintain my modest little plot is ridiculous to consider, but none of that matters when you see food actually growing. I’m such a newbie; I love gardening. And next year, without all the landscaping to do, I’ll be a better gardener.
I’ve got to say that as much as I miss the sunshine, I love working when it is cool and cloudy. I don’t tire so readily and sweat so much. I began working at 10:30 am and managed to keep at it until 3:30 pm. When I went up on the deck to look down on my work—assuming what I call, “the regent position”— I was both thrilled to see my progress and to see how little remains to be done.

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