Thursday, July 18, 2019


It’s been quite a while—since I hurt my back—since I had a good and painless night’s sleep. But last night I took two Ibuprofens before I went to bed and that, I think, really helped. I’m now a 24/7 Ibuprofen junkie.
Today has dawned beautifully and we are apparently in for a long fine session of weather, so today I will get back to working on section three after I do a lot of watering and walk Her Highness. With so many guests coming this week, I want to use the next four days to do as much as I can in the backyard—carefully
My “free” little hand-held blower arrived yesterday. If it works, and I’m sure it will, it’ll make it super easy to keep my courtyard clean of debris without hurting the little plants I’ve got growing in the cracks between the paving stones. Plus, a job that used to take me three-quarters of an hour will now take a few minutes.
It’s really “fresh” outside; it’s only 13°. The temperature makes having a spa in the morning fabulous. 
Phoebe Waller-Bridge

I’m absolutely mad for Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the writer and star of Fleabag  on Amazon’s Prime channel.
With the mergence of the strong female lead driving so incredibly many productions, I am kind of sick of the stoic heroic woman, to be honest. The pendulum has swung. In Fleabag,  Ms. W-B creates a wonderfully complex character who constantly “breaks” the fourth wall and who has the healthiest female libido I’ve seen in film.
Ms. W-B is a brilliant writer and performer, and she’s gorgeous in a very unintimidating way. It’s quirky, terribly moving, ridiculously funny and brilliantly brought to life by extraordinary actors such as Anthony Scott, Bill Paterson and Olivia Coleman.

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