Tuesday, July 30, 2019

To The Big City

Monday began with a community dog walk. It was a truy lovely morning; the temperature was perfect. When I got home, I did a thorough watering that I refreshed this morning. I’m off to Vancouver to go to see my asthma doctor today.
After I watered everything yesterday, I took Sheba to Sandwell Beach and ran into Jillian and her son Reilly. I’ve known Jillian for decades. She’s an incredible actor; she and her husband have an escape place here but live in Vancouver. It was really nice to see a familiar face on a local trail.
Then I baked cookies so the jar is full for the visit of Steve et al. After that came a spa and then a relaxing evening with Her Highness.
I’m going to try to do the impossible today: I’m going to try to get my doctor to see me on time. I have to, because if he doesn’t, I may miss my plane home. It’s this kind of stress that destroys my equilibrium; I get migraines and my PTSD symptoms flower.
But I’m leaving aware of the potential for trouble; I’m taking every medication I have with me and I try to stay positive. I keep reminding myself that if I can get through today, I can come home and just relax here in Paradise until Steve arrives on Monday.

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