Monday, July 15, 2019

Cat Love

Sunday was deliciously slow and easy. I did nothing whatsoever, but I loved every minute of the day. How could I not? People are in their summer holiday clothes and everything I see says “holiday.” The stores were full of beach, garden and picnic supplies, people are happy and licking their ice cream cones. It was hot and humid wonderful day.
I passed people enjoying a community picnic and dance on the Commons grounds and at a nearby yard, an older couple watched a small herd of wild Turkeys gobbling on their lawn. 
Bonus: I ate my first Peas from my garden. And in the evening I watched Grantchester.  Honestly, life is at its best when James Norton is in front of you. Now, as the show goes on without him, I’ve lost interest; now it’s just another British TV show.
I sneezed again last night and the pain took forever to subside. It was excruciatin; I co uld barely breath for a minute and it sets my healing back. However, every morning I detect progress and that’s truly encouraging.
Today I’ll go on the small dog walk and when I come home I’ll keep myself busy tidying up around the yard for Chris and Frani’s arrival later in the afternoon. 
This is the time when I love visitors. My place looks great, the water in the spa is pristine, the hammock is up and I have deluxe picnic equipment for meals in the forest or at the beach. Plus, we hang out outdoors.

Something truly wonderful has happened with Fred and Ethel—particularly with Ethel. 
These are cats that hate  to be picked up for cuddling. But both of them will purr the minute I touch them or even talk to them. The love to play and the most amazing thing is that they have never once scratched or bitten me. They are wonderful, wonderful friends.
Recently, they moved into my bedroom to sleep. They used to sleep in the loft where only they can go, but I love that we all sleep in the master bedroom now. And they follow me everywhere, even when I have a spa—they go into the porch and howl to me when I’m in the tub. And they love it  when I make the bed. They both come in to play with the bedding as I work. 
But the most amazing thing is that Ethel started coming to sleep on my desk when I am at the computer—or for affection and play. And now Fred wants in on the action; there’s now regularly two cats on my work desk (see the photo above). I’m really touched by how relational they’ve become.

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