Sunday, April 11, 2021

To Nanaimo


With every passing day, I feel better, more comfortable with how things are in my life. My speech isn’t better, but I feel more optimistic about life. Today will be quite an experience: I go to the vaccination clinic, Walmart for some basic supplies, the White Spot for a noon hour burger (take out) and a sushi place for food to bring home for supper.

It’s always exciting to leave the island. For me, it’s a big adventure with Sheba. How I love my Sheba. I cannot believe how much I love all my pets. Fred, I love, because he talks to me so much and purrs the minute I speak to him or touch him. He’s a true lover. But it’s Ethel who loves to curl up on me or beside me, and how can you not fall for someone who does that.

Sheba, though, is my constant companion. I go nowhere without her and she never does anything at all that bothers me. She’s smart and very loving and I could not wish for a better companion.

We went for a lovely afternoon walk and I came upon five people and I knew every one of them. They are all neighbours and it made me feel that Gabriola has really become my home. I feel of this place now and I love that.

Dwight and I “talked” yesterday. I could say words and, with gaps between, string words together and convey ideas. It wasn’t too bad. I was definitely not mute as I was at the dentist and may be today at the vaccination clinic. What matters, I realize, is not how I speak, but how I feel, and I feel very, very good.

I’m excited about this adventure today. I love taking the ferry to Nanaimo on brilliantly sunny days. And … I love White Spot hamburgers.

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