Saturday, April 17, 2021

Just Another Day @ Pincone Park

It got to twenty degrees before noon. I got hot doing garden work and the familiar smells of hot earth and grass reminded me of Summers past. It’s lovely to do work with no deadlines, to just do as much as I want to and to stop when I want. My new front lawn is looking pretty good, but there are lots of bald spots in it. I’ve re-seeded them and hope soon to see a beautiful green cover. 

There’s so much to do, but I have all the time in the world to do it. The gardens are cleaning up nicely and it positively thrills me to see things emerging. All the Hostas are coming up now. I’m really pleased with how Pinecone Park is looking. I have two more garden areas to do today, and then it’ll be time to start clearing the roofs of my home and two sheds of the acidic detritus that has built up since I moved here.

We have a new food truck at Twin Beaches, so Jay and I are going to meet there at noon so we can pick up some food and then eat it at a beach picnic table. I feel it’s a safe way to visit and we couldn’t ask for nicer weather. It was 24° yesterday afternoon! Picnics are in order. It’s supposed to be even warmer today.

I really fucked up when I cut back on my asthma drugs. I’m suffering, but diligent about using my inhalers now. 

This morning, it’ll be yard work after our walk and until it’s time to meet Jay. Then more puttering around the yard in the afternoon before yet another night of television. My life has never been so routine.

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