Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The Rains are Coming

Certain natural things thrill everyone: The Aurora Borealis, waterfalls and a murmuration of Starlings—and, with awesome audio.

Tuesday was much cooler in the morning. I lit a fire when I got up (5:00 am) and I wore long pants on my morning walk with Her Highness. 

Following the walk, we went into the village because I had to get insurance for my car. And guess what: The entire Rogers network is down in Canada, and so we could not access the government’s insurance (ICBC) website. I had to buy temporary insurance and the poor clerk had to do all the forms by hand.

Then home to garden and I got another garden done, but it was not under ideal circumstances because my lovely neighbours were chipping all the branches that were cut from the five large trees that they felled in advance of building their new home. It was very noisy!

In the afternoon, after lunch, I saw that the Derek Chauvin trail verdict was reached and for a while, and so I listened to the Washington Post live feed. I was not surprised at all by the verdict; unanimity in ten hours—at that trial? I was obvious the moment I read there was a verdict. Yay, Justice. 

Race relations, media polarization creating an abundance of “truths,” police racial bias and brutality, mass/multiple killings (it’s becoming a daily event), corporate and political malfeasance: America is rotting.

Starting Friday, the rains are coming. Or so ‘they’ say. My God, I hope they do! And no Angel sweat or piss. I want the real thing: Rain, and lots of it. Sadly, the incoming wet stretch is also bringing much cooler weather: Our highs will be close to 12°, down from the low twenties that we’ve been enjoying for the past two weeks. When the rains come, it’s going to be hard to adjust to being inside again. 

I have not fully recovered my “stage one” level of speech. I cannot get my Rand voice to work, and I still am almost mute with strangers. I really had a lot of trouble at the Insurance Office. I didn’t take a pen and pad because when I’m here, I talk fluently with my pets and true friends. “On the outside” though, when I interact with the “outside” world, I’m barely able to communicate. I live with speech bipolarity. And with long stretches of time passing without any interaction with the “outside,” it’s shocking to be so suddenly and severely mutestruck—well … if there’s dumbstruck…. My condition makes me Covid-positive; it disappears in a house-binding quarantine.

I’m also living on inhaler life support. I’m taking my former daily dose, four times a day now. And I think about my kidneys. But! I still haven’t done a search on Google and won’t. I expect to know more about my situation in June. ‘They’ say bad luck comes in threes. That’s three. I’m done.

Today, of course, I’ll be back in the gardens after walking Her Highness with my friends. I want to get the front garden done and finish working on the part of the front lawn I didn’t re-seed, clearing it of twigs and fertilizing it before the rains come.

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