Friday, April 23, 2021


Today has dawned overcast, but as I write, it is clearing up and the possibility of rain seems to be remote. However, the forecast says that later today the cloud will thicken and tomorrow the rains will come. God, I hope so! But the good news is that this morning’s dog walk will be dry.

Yesterday was dreadful, my asthma depressed me. It has been ruining my body and my spirit for a week now. The worst part was the fear; people die of asthma and I was really suffering. But this morning I feel considerably better. The pain and wheezing are gone, and I have hope instead of fear. Yesterday I felt too awful to do anything at all. I could not bring myself to do any work around Pinecone Park, but today I feel more optimistic and energized. 

I’m going on the walk with my friends and our dogs and coming home to read and enjoy the feeling that I am not going to suffocate. And I may visit the village so that I can make myself something delicious to eat to celebrate feeling better.

Yesterday, when workers changed my oil, they found rat droppings in my engine and discovered that rodents had been eating several soy-based plastic parts that must be replaced. And now, I must regularly place Peppermint-soaked washing machine dryer sheets in my engine to deter them from doing more of the same.

I have to more a huge wall of stacked wood that’s in my enclosed shed—but not today or in the ensuing days of rain. I need to relocate as much of it as I can to a woodshed beside my studio because the wall of wood in my shed is going to fall over. I’m not the best wood stacker. There are so, so many things needing to be done here.

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