Friday, April 2, 2021


I love so many things in this video: I love how tidy she is, her patience and her artistry, the grace in her movements and the settings. 

The sky cleared yesterday in the afternoon and the temperature was 15°! It was the nicest weather yet this year. I haven’t the skill to relay the euphoria I felt about being so warm outdoors. But I did no work. I took Sheba for a nice long walk, came home and got into the spa.

I freaked out yesterday. It was a rough, rough day—lots of seizures and it was almost impossible to Zoom with friends my speech was almost non-existent. So, in a panic, I wrote to Dr. Shoja thinking that she’d get the email on Tuesday after the long weekend. (I waited until after 5:00 to send it.) But I got a response this morning.

She called what I’m experiencing a “flare up,” and that term brought me immediate relief. Phew! Now I’m confident I’ll get stronger again and that’s clearly what I wanted to hear because I feel so much more optimistic and calm now. I must get on with living.

I went on the dog walk this morning and noticed some improvement in my speech. I think that being told its just a flare up has brought so much relief that I’m already better. 

After the walk, I went into the village to get supplies with which to make a Garlic and cheddar tart. I’ve been making lovely things to eat—Asparagus soup, Prawn risotto—to offset the depressive effect on my spirit of my flare-up. Then I came home to Zoom with theatre friends and again sensed modest improvement in my speech—modest, yes, but improvement!

Now I’m going to do some yard work—not a lot, but it’s so lovely outside, I want to be out there and making Pinecone Park tidier and more beautiful.

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