Friday, April 16, 2021

Just Another Day

After the shock of Wednesday’s news, Thursday was a good day. My speech has returned to stage one and I’m using my inhalers every five hours and breathing much better. I had lots of energy for yesterday’s chores!

I enjoyed the nicest morning walk yet, since last Summer. I was toasty warm in shorts and a t-shirt. I felt absolutely great. It was 16° at 10:00 am; 22° at 4:00. How can you feel anything but fabulous in such temperatures and sunshine?

I mowed the lawns and did the edging, planted my Basil in the edible garden, and added some seed to the thin areas of my new front lawn. At noon, I made myself lunch and then had a lie down on my lounge chair in the sunshine. And then Her Highness and I went on a long and stunning afternoon meander. What a lovely day I had!

There is still nothing but sunshine in the forecast. It is extremely weird to be having endless glorious weather at this time of year.

Today began with a walk with Di, Judith and Regina, and I’ve come home to start doing more work on the yard and gardens. The gardens are looking pretty grim because I’ve done no work on them since last year. I love having things to do and I also love the lack of pressure I feel about doing them. I go at a slow pace and, at some point, I will recline on my lounge chair in the sunshine and do nothing. 

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