Monday, April 5, 2021

Lawn Victory

Sunday was calm, bright and sunny. And joy, joy, joy! The front lawn I seeded a few weeks back is germinating. Slowly what was a field of dirt is becoming a blanket of green. I’m relieved and very, very happy. Inspired, I addressed part of the backyard lawn that needed some attention yesterday: I spread seed where the lawn is thin.

In the morning I made another batch of Asparagus soup, a new passion and so, so easy to make. Then I cut some Ivy from around the yard and potted it with rooting hormone. My house faces north and the garden lining the front wall of the house never get sun, so greening it is difficult. Using Ivy is my new strategy.

The afternoon was uneventful. It was not as warm as was Saturday when I went for my afternoon walk wearing naught but a t-shirt on top. I did some reading, napping and went for a lovely sunny afternoon walk with Her Highness.

All our island streams have dried up and local birds are already flocking to my fountain. It is unbelievably dry here and there’s no rain in the forecast. It all makes me scared about the potential for another forest fire Summer like the one we had a few years ago when we lost so many sunny days to skies full of thick smoke full of microscopic precipitants. 

And so, another week begins. I expect to spend a fair bit of time outdoors doing yard work. It’ll be another week like so many of the recent past. But come Thursday, I get busy. Thursday, I see the dentist, Sunday I go to Nanaimo for my shot, to shop and to indulge myself with a White Spot hamburger, Tuesday I see Dr. Shoja on Zoom and get a chance to discuss “flare ups,” and Wednesday I see my doctor over something that turned up on my last blood test.

I’m looking forward to having all those things to do and some variance in my day-to-day life.

Today will likely be lovely and warm this afternoon because the wind, that was chilly yesterday, is gone. I reckon that my afternoon walk with Her Highness will be wonderful. 

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