Monday, April 19, 2021

Hope Restored

Walk Her Highness, do yard work until lunchtime, have lunch and a nap in the dappled sunlight of the backyard or in the hammock, more yard work, the second long walk of the day with H.H., then spa, dinner and television. That is my pattern; this is my every day during this driest, sunniest late Winter and early Spring in ages.

It’s predicted to be cloudy on Friday and, perhaps, damped by angel sweat on Saturday. I welcome any precipitation. But until the change, my pattern will hold. Watering has become a huge job in this drought. I’m very lucky that I bought a place with such a deep well. I have plenty of water. With so much to do, I don’t miss my friends as much as I have been of late.

This morning, I’ll walk with my fellow dog walkers and then get back to the gardens. I’ve two more to do, and more lawn clearing to do. It takes a lot of work to really clean up half an acre of land after a Winter, especially when you’re old and single. 

The great, great news of the morning is that I have awakened to easier breathing and less of a laryngitis sound in my voice. My inhalers seem to be successfully reducing the inflammation in my lungs. This is my first and only asthma attack since I started on medication. I’m feeling renewed and much more hopeful about life today.  

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