Friday, April 30, 2021

Asking for Help

Sixteen-year-old German cellist Philipp Schupelius, above, is the winner of the Discovery Award of the International Classical Music Awards 2020.

Asthma is a nasty affliction when it’s bad as mine has been for the past few weeks. I’m not just dealing with the physical issues (difficulty breathing and heavy coughing), but also the fear that comes with having bad lungs. So, this morning I wrote to my asthma doctor in Vancouver asking for help. Last night was rough, and in the night my fears take hold.

Yesterday afternoon was glorious. I really enjoyed our walk because it was so warm and sunny. And this morning is nice, too. There are clouds, but lots of blue sky as well, but I feel damaged and want to just pass the day under a blanket reading with the love of my life chewing on a bone beside me. I’ll be checking my email all day, hoping to hear from Dr. Dorscheid.

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