Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Speech App Hurrah!


I’m questioning Dr. Shoja’s diagnosis of a “flare up.” What flared up was my fear and sorrow, but I reckon that my speech is permanently worse. This flare up is now three weeks old. I’m comfortable again with my disability because I’ve learned to focus on the positive—the acceptance of my friends, my ability to still communicate, all be it, s-l-o-w-l-y, and the life I love so much here at Pinecone Park with my pets and the ready access to nature.

Monday began with a walk with Regina, Judith and Di and our dogs in gorgeous sunshine, and when I got home, I had a sudden insight. I once bought speech assist software that was really expensive, but I lost it when my iPhone died and was trashed along with all its apps. On my way home from the walk yesterday, it occurred to me that I might have put it on my iPad that I never use.

So, I charged my Pad and voila, there it was. I spent the rest of the morning refreshing myself on how to use it and loading it up with text to use when I go to get my vaccination. All I have to do, is open the app, select the text I want, and tap on the “speak” button and the app speaks what I have typed into the app. It’s awesome. I can even use it with the phone.

Mid-afternoon, Her Highness and I went to Drumbeg for the first time since last Summer. What a total joy it was to be there, smelling the sweet forest aromas and the seaweed, and feeling the sunlight on my skin. Oh my God, I felt good. There were lots of people there and everyone was positively radiating joy. Two women were even swimming in the ocean.

Today is another gorgeous day, but it’s predicted to rain tomorrow. God, I hope the forecast is right because we really need some rain—real rain, not just pissy showers.

Today I plan to be back outside working on the yard, reading more of my book (The Girl with the Louding Voice by Nigerian writer Abi Daré) before couch and television time in the evening.

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