Thursday, April 22, 2021

Gabriloa Land Value

I won something! I earned myself a whopping $25 gift certificate for Amazon for participating in a survey on stuttering. Some welcome good at Pinecone Park!

My cats, who have the entire house at their disposal, a private loft and exclusive use of the screened porch are not satisfied. No. They want to eviscerate my sofa, so part of yesterday involved, for the umpteen time, trying to prevent them from destroying the undercarriage of the sofa and extracting stuffing. 

Other than that, it was gardening. The sunshine was spectacular, but the wind was chilly. The one nice thing about days like yesterday was lying in the sunshine and feeling the sun’s warmth all over my body. I can’t bear to be still in sunshine when it’s warm, but on days like yesterday it’s positively thrilling to be warmed by the sun.

I finished cleaning up my front garden and what a lovely difference it makes to me to see it looking so tidy. It’s very, very satisfying, and now I have only one garden left to do—the Fern Garden. After that, it was mowing and edging, repairing my sofa and making its undercarriage cat proof. I was the energizer bunny yesterday, going like mad until 4:00 when I took Her Highness for a walk.

Once back home, it was time to crash on the couch before preparing dinner and then watching the boob tube until bedtime. And, of course, I was diligent about my inhalers. My lesson has been learned and, thankfully, I feel a little better every day—my breathing is getting easier and easier, and the laryngitis sound is slowly disappearing from my voice. Woo hoo!

This morning, after walking with Sheba, we go to Twin Beaches mall to have the oil changed in my car and while I’m there, I’m going to have lunch at the food truck and do more walking with Her Highness while they work on my van. In the afternoon, I’ll likely putz around the yard one last time before the rains come.

I’m gobsmacked! There’s a little house down the street that is less than four hundred square feet and hasn’t a well. It’s assessed at $169,000 by the provincial assessment authority. Well, it was listed a week ago at $350,000, and it sold in two days. The selling price was $367.500! I cannot believe that. 

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