Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Dr. Shoja Day

Monday began with a walk with my fellow dog walkers, then I came home to read about, and watch videos about, Functional Neurological Disorder. The majority of sufferers have paralysis of limbs; seeing them made me very grateful that I’m fully mobile. In all the reading and watching I did, I learned nothing at all about the conditioning worsening. I did, however, read about many people whose condition cleared up entirely.

After that, I did some tidying of the yard for Leo’s and Merrill’s visit at happy hour. It’s still too cold for me to truly enjoy working on the gardens, but today should be the start of my being much, much more comfortable outside (see above). There’s so, so much to do, having welcoming weather will have me getting the gardens in great shape. Plus, I can hardly wait to have a nap in the sunshine on my lounge chair.

But yesterday wasn’t for napping. I tidied the shed, weed wacked the wooden garden path, cleaned the courtyard, chopped lots of wood and prepped the deck for hosting Leo and Merrill at four. I’m going to get lots done this week as the weather seduces me outside. I must say, whereas my front lawn has been a tough one to keep healthy looking, my backyard is looking fabulous.

Right now, when walking in the woods, I’ll often see a cloud of deep pink in the forest and I’ll know there’s a wild Currant bush there that’s in full magnificent bloom. And there’s a rather nondescript bush that has pendulous small white blossoms that is blooming right now as well, and its flowers, like many white flowers, have the most luscious fragrance. It’s a Jasmin-like heavenly scent.

Merrill’s and Leo’s (and Issa’s) visit was really lovely, but it would have been nicer happening when the sun was hitting the deck. Instead, we came inside. It was really nice to just relax and be with two really lovely people and their gorgeous, wonderful baby. I couldn’t wish for nicer neighbours. We have part of the fence to fix that separates out yards, and I mentioned the idea of putting a gate in to make visiting easier, and they’d had the same idea, so that’s what we’re going to do! They also said, several times, that they hope we’ll get together as we did today, regularly through the Summer. 

But the best part of the get-together, was how well I spoke. I’m not truly mute—at least not at home or when I’m with someone I trust. I can talk to my pets, too. When I’m with friends away from my home, things get worse with friends and impossible with waiters, clerks, dentists, doctors, post office staff, etcetera. I’m playing a game and trying to understand the rules.

When they left, it was time for dinner and the couch. I started watching Us on DBD Gem and I’m really enjoying it. It’s quite funny and the locations are to die for. The very first scene is of the couple in bed and she says to him that the marriage is over. However, they decide to vacation together with their son before they split. The series is what happens on the vacation. I quite love it.

Finally, it’s Tuesday. I Zoom with Dr. Shoja at 9:00. I’m seriously looking forward to what she has to say about the change in my condition.

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