Saturday, April 10, 2021

Taxes Done

Well … shock and awe. I went to bed last night after taking a look at a clear star-filled sky, but I awoke to the delicate falling of flakes of frozen angel piss. Yes, hail—but barely. And cold! What the Hell is going on? It was supposed to be the first day of a week of glorious sunshine and warm weather. But no. Now the prognosticators say the fine weather will begin tomorrow (whenI go to Nanaimo for my shot).

Friday was overcast as promised. I hoped all day it would rain, but it didn’t. Our dog walking group was unanimous in being fed up with cold weather.

My fellow dog walkers are my “canaries;” they have long been the people with whom I speak best, so our walk yesterday was an opportunity for me to see where I’m at with the people who best facilitate my speech. It didn’t go too badly!  It wasn’t easy or grammatical, I speak like Tarzan or Tonto, but I could participate somewhat with my friends. I mostly listened, but I could say some things slowly. I felt a lot better about life after my experience with them.

“Me go city morrow shot.” Saying “I” is impossible, so I say “me.” Did you get what I mean? (I’m going to Nanaimo tomorrow to get my shot.) Everyone got it and no one betrayed a sign of frustration with me. 

To celebrate, I came home and did my taxes. It felt good to get that done. After that, I got comfortable on my chaise lounge with a new book as the skies cleared. 

By 7:00, the sky had cleared, but today, given the temperature, will be spent indoors reading and ditzing around the house and, of course, walking Her Highness. I’ll also be preparing for my trip to Nanaimo—typing text into my speech app to navigate the clinic and ordering a White Spot hamburger. Yum!

People here who’ve been to the clinic I’m going to say things are very well organized, so that’s nice to hear.

I’m now seriously considering learning some basic ASL signing. It’s something positive to do and could serve me well in the future and there are lots of courses online.

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