Sunday, April 25, 2021

Decently Wet

Saturday began with a short walk with Her Highness, then we went shopping so that I could come home and bake my millionth Garlic, Spinach and White Cheddar tart. I crave this dish.

Then we went for a second walk in the Angel Piss that, thankfully, slowly dribbled down for much of the day. It’s better than nothing, but not much for our wells and forest fire situation. Even though the sky was grey and there was light, light precipitation, our walks were lovely. The forest is so lush right now. 

It was a relaxing day because my asthma was bad again. It was better on Friday, but yesterday was nasty. Today, I feel better as I did on Friday, but I’m going to write to my asthma doctor if I don’t feel better tomorrow.

I cannot watch TV during the day. It is never something I want to do unless I am sick. But I sure love my evenings watching things I record or things on the streaming services that I can now watch on my TV, thanks to my new Apple device. Last night was a Seaside Hotel binge fest chez moi.

And I’ve awakened today to … well, to call it rain is to exaggerate. It’s still angel piss, but it looks like it fell much of the night because the ground looks decently wet. I’ll just keep hoping for more of it over the next week.

I lit the fire this morning to make it cozy warm in the house. We’ll walk and I’ll putz and I’ll eat lots of Garlic tart today. I love just chilling and being cozy on damp grey days. 

These are closed Pitcher Plants.

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