Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Comfortable Monotany

He swooshed in and then out again. A magnificent Peregrine Falcon landed on my fence, right outside my office window, and then he took off—too quickly for me to be able to take a photo of him. What a beauty of a bird!

All I did all day was read, use my puffers, eat, walk Her Highness, and then watch TV in the evening before going to bed early and medicated to help my lungs heal. I’ll be doing the same today.

I wish I had more to write here, but I don’t. I do little, I see no one; it’s a bare bones existence I lead and with each day, I become a little more comfortable with it. However, once the warm weather returns, I hope to get some Croquet games going with my fellow dog walkers and with the Turner family. It’s a safe way to get together: We’re outdoors and are widely separated through the game.

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