Wednesday, March 6, 2019

75% Done

Winner: Dullest photo of the year award. But I'm "proud" of the work I've
done and excited about the progress I'm making. I love the green carpet.

I climbed up on a handrail to take the photo (above) of the three full beds and I discovered another task needing doing: I have to clear the eve troughs—on three buildings!
Tuesday was another beautiful day! It was easy to get outside and back to work on the garden. It’s a total treat to work in sunlight—I worked on bed #3; Sheba did her free-range neighbourhood rounds. 
(I had a pleasant surprise, too: I don’t need the third load of soil I ordered, so I shaved six hundred bucks off the $1,800 original cost of the soil for the beds.)
I lined the third bed, filled it and I was done. I’m in no hurry and I had laundry and deep cleaning to do before Paula arrives this morning at 10:20.  
In the afternoon I baked cookies and prepped salads for Paula’s and Dwight’s visits. And I made beds, did laundry and went shopping; I was exhausted by the early evening and so I went to bed at eight.
Today I begin five consecutive days with houseguests—but I know I won’t have seizures. And praise Jesus: The temperatures begin climbing today; the Arctic air is retreating after far too long a stay. We’ll be able do things outdoors.
Another project that excites me is installing a clothesline. That’ll reduce my electrical bills and give my bedding a fabulous scent. I’m hoping Dwight will help me get one up. There’s something lovely and meditative about hanging up clean laundry to dry in the fresh air here.
I lay around all winter doing very, very little and doing it very well and happily. Since the weather “broke” almost three weeks ago, bringing cold but sunny weather, I’ve been working non-stop on home projects. The sunshine energizes me.

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