Friday, March 22, 2019

A Job Well Done

By mid-day yesterday, I was exhausted. That’s what happens when you start at 5:00 am.
I was hefting soil from the front yard to the back and then seeding the area that has long been a rather dreadful area. In summer, it is just loose dry soil. Well no more. I laid some good fertilized soil over top and seeded it.
I ran into Elaine in the village; I followed her home and she gave me garlic to grow. Her garden is amazing: An exterior fence defines the large square space. The pathways are made with tarpaper and three drip tubes run the full length of the five long beds. And the drip tubes are attached to a splitter and timer device so only one of the beds is being watered at one time. It’s space age.
After lunch I turned my attention to the front yard. I topped up the front garden and planted two more plants in the garden strip that’s right in front of the house—a north side that gets no direct light. By the end of the afternoon, I’d done all I’d hoped to do (for now).
In the evening, I put my new kitchen table together—one that goes where the fridge used to be. It’s cheap like bad IKEA furniture; it’s made of artificial materials painted white, but it has a nice wood top and gives me a more counter storage space. I’m pleased with it. (The rest of my kitchen is white, too.)
I finished working at six; I’d been working thirteen hours. Next will be planting some annuals and the vegetable garden but I’ve to wait a few weeks for that. 

The New Zealand prime minister took two weeks to introduce legislation banning automatic assault rifles after the mass shooting there. In doing that, she makes our North American leaders look weak for not doing the same where the history of mass violence is much, much worse.
It’s wondrous to walk around my yard now. Instead of seeing things I need to do everywhere, I see work done and looking good. I can hardly wait to add annuals that bring colour to my yard.
Today looks decent, but it won’t be as warm and sunny. The Selfie workshop that was to occur here today is cancelled because the papers for the Selfie kits didn’t arrive. So I’ll do more yard work after the morning dog walk.

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