Sunday, March 24, 2019

Rain's a Cummin' (We Hope)

I did it. I got all the left over soil moved from where it was dumped in my driveway to a place in the backyard where it is covered and will serve to top-up my vegetable beds next Spring. Over the course of this exercise of building a big vegetable garden I’ve shoveled, lifted and dumped a whopping 26,400 pounds of soil! 
Next will be stacking six cords of wood. I hope that’s not for quite a while.
When I finished, I took Sheba for a nice walk on the Trail to Nowhere in the sunshine. At 4:30, Anna came to fetch me and we went to Gisela’s surprise birthday party. It was in a gorgeous venue on the water and it was a beautiful summery night.
Today: More sunshine, but tomorrow and Tuesday we’re supposed to have rain and we need it. I hope it actually rains and that we don’t get just clouds and mist. I’ve already had to water the gardens because it’s been so dry and warm for the past couple of weeks.
Today, I tackle the studio. It’s in disarray and I need to clean it up in order to get back to making flowers whilst the rain falls over the next two days. I still haven’t finished the prototype of the largest one and I want to have it ready for when Margy comes this afternoon to make more kits for the Selfie project.

But first: The big community dog walk.

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