Sunday, March 10, 2019

Dwight Day #2

It’s noon and spectacular outside. I’ve just come home from seeing Dwight off on the seaplane and taking Sheba for a walk in Drumbeg Park.  
Coming into my home without the massive refrigerator making the entrance crowded and tight has me enter into a “vast” grand room instead. And my eye immediately is drawn to the fireplace as I come into the room. It’s a wonderfully positive change to the primary door of my home. I’m thrilled by the revised design of my kitchen.
And my garden beds are filled. That’s another huge improvement and both betterments happened with the assistance of my dear friends, Paula and Dwight.
Yesterday, Dwight went for a solo walk to Whalebone Park  andthen we all went to Twin Beaches  and Mad Rona’s for coffee. He bought us pizza for dinner and we watched, and loved, The Favourite. Then, after another fabulous day together, we went to bed early.
Tonight is the first night of daylight saving time—and what a lovely night it will be.
I had a great visit with Dwight—and with Paula. And the work they did gives me a chill as I walk around my home and property. It’s still winter and I’ve done so much already this year on the place. I’m thrilled.

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