Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Al, a hydrologist, is coming this morning to determine why my cistern went dry. Meanwhile, 2,400 gallons of fresh water is on its way by tanker from Nanaimo; it will arrive early this morning as well. Thankfully, I’ve always a healthy emergency supply of fresh water on hand and I have roof runoff water with which to flush the toilets.
I’m hoping to learn something today from the hydrologist so that I can better manage my water system. Today I hope to learn how to prime the pumps so that I can do that if whatever happened here recently, happens again.
I planted lettuce, spinach and garlic. I’m very excited about that.
Steve, and his new partner, Tim, booked their flights yesterday from Vancouver to Gabriola and back. They’re not here until in August but I’m already excited. They’re coming from LA to visit me, Steve’s ex-partner, for five days and Steve’s sister and brother-in-law are also coming. The Schillings remain family to me.
It rained last night. Hallelujah! There wasn’t a lot of it. It was gentle but more than a mist; the gardens and newly seeded area look nice and wet and the air smells fresh and sweet.
Tomorrow the sun is predicted to return for another sunny warm week. My bamboo poles arrived yesterday so I’ll assemble my bean and pea trellis and plant some seeds when it comes.
I’ve started my self-portrait. I’m suing pencil crayons and reacquainting myself with their idiosyncrasies. It’s been years since I perfected my mixing techniques and I’m rusty. The nasty weather today will keep me indoors and working on it (once the water is delivered and the hydrologist has departed).

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