Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Spring Cleaning

The most exciting part of Tuesday was using my new clothesline.
The second most exiting thing I did was transplanting my Apple trees. I’d had to wait for all the arboreal work to be completed to do it, but now the trees are in great soil and where they get more sunlight than almost anywhere in the yard. There’s hope for them now.  
At one pm, I went to meet with Michelle, the executive director of the arts council, to talk to her Council fundraising practices. I had some suggestions for improvements (to stave off a revolt by some board members about debt), and she liked them.  
At 2:30 it was 19°! I did some casual gardening. I’m topping up all my beds with my surfeit soil so my beds look fabulous. And I was delighted to not need to tend to a fire all day. It’s so warm, I don’t need one And when it was time to retire, I slipped into sheets that smelled like Mother Earth.
I was a whirlwind of work starting at five am this morning—I was on fire! I thoroughly cleaned my utility closet that was badly in need of organization and vacuuming, and then I cleaned the fridge as diligently. After that, it was separating and bundling all the garbage for delivery to GIRO. 
There are a few work parties coming up here. We have to make a bunch more panels for the Selfie show and we have to try making some larger flowers because our venue is so large.
I went on the community dog walk this morning and then I came home to sterilize the porch and barbeque. Like I said: on a roll!
Today I’ll be back to gardening. I really love doing it and I have all day to myself. I’m grateful to have so productive and creative a pastime to fill my time.

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