Monday, March 11, 2019

One Again & Warm

Wow! What a change. I noticed it the minute I got up this morning; it felt so warm in the house, I was worried Dwight had left a heater on. But he hadn’t. It was just the wonderful difference of waking on morning with the temperature above zero.
Sunday was exquisite, but by nightfall, a lovely hour later in the day, clouds were moving in. It’s supposed to rain today and part of tomorrow.
After Dwight left late yesterday morning, I had a nap and awoke still lethargic. After five days with guests, I was tuckered out. I loved every second of Dwight’s and Paula’s visits but my “seizures” returned, en masse.
However: They’re barely seizures. I remain fully conscious and there is absolutely no spasticity or grimacing. I just can’t speak. I’m not surprised, nor am I bothered. They’re really short and I know they’ll eventually stop. They’re too mild to earn the name, “Seizure;” they’re communication hiccups. 
It was lovely to be on my own again, with the pets. I had a great soak in the spa, kept the fire up for the evening and went to bed early.
This morning, we go on a community dog walk and then I have a meeting of the large fundraising committee of the Arts Council at eleven. (This is the big committee, of which our Selfie  group is a sub-committee.)
I’ll be coming home to work on the kitchen. Moving the fridge meant moving all the re-cycling containers and the garbage bins so I’m re-thinking what I want, where. It’s work I like to do; I’ll be doing a culling at the same time. Moving the fridge has changed how I feel in my kitchen. It feels much bigger and brighter.
Tonight I’m going to try to make two huge paper flowers, using the tissue paper left over from my ladies. They will hang in a party room that is exactly like the gym in the high school I attended as a kid. Hanging the huge flowers will make a strong visual impact—especially if we cam light them. 
In my soul, Winter is over. Every sense tells me it’s Spring. I see blossoms, buds and shoots, I hear much more birdsong, the sun feels warm on my skin and my nose is enjoying a fragrant smorgasbord. I’m excited about doing more work in the yard.
My desire and will fire at full throttle when it comes to landscaping and gardening. I think, down the line, a pond will be part of my backyard.

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