Thursday, March 7, 2019

Paula Day #1

I could see light on the horizon at 6:00 am; by 6:30 it was quite light. It really feels like Spring is coming. Mind you, come Sunday the light won’t appear until 7:00 – 7:30 when we move to Daylight Savings; it’s my favourite day of the year.
There were two “highs” yesterday: One was Gerald Butts. He seemed credible to me in every way. It came a relief to hear something closer to an accounting of the SNC Lavalin scandal that sounded like my take on the affair.
The other high, of course, was Paula’s arrival. Former neighbours and good friends, we instantly fell into our usual comfortable rapport. She loved her flight in the pristinely clear air, descending over the chain of islands of which my island is a part. 
We hung out here for a while, took Sheba in for her grooming and then went to lunch together at Robert’s. We came back home for a bit and then I went to get Sheba. Horror of horrors: She was shaved. She looks dreadfully different but her curls will soon be back. Once back, I made us some squash and ginger soup.
By the way: Another wonderful high of the day yesterday was calling Doctor Bob. He’s the former veterinarian turned wood supplier so I have six cords of mixed Fir and Beach coming in three loads of two cords this summer. Next winter will be as cozy as has been this one.
We watched The Girl on the Train  (I adore Emily Blunt, had dinner, watched the new and delicious TV series on CBC, Ordeal by Innocence, an Agatha Christie mystery with a lush rich cast of characters played by wonderful BBC regulars, and then went to bed.
I don’t know what we’ll do today, but the weather is looking decent—not great and not warm but there’s lots of blue sky. Paula is making us breakfast and she’s coming with me to visit the community hall today at one o’clock. We’ll probably assemble two of my three small planters and have a spa before watching a movie over dinner tonight.
Mt friend in Toronto, Beth, sent me this wonderful word: “Petrichor.” It identifies the (pleasant) smell that accompanies the first rain after a dry spell. I know that smell and love it.

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