Thursday, March 14, 2019


I'm working on a logo for a friend here.

I have a lovely new coffee table made of Maple from this island. I got it from a local woodworker who’s a charming man.
The other reason I’m excited is that Darrell is coming by this morning to finish the deer fence around the new vegetable garden. We’re doubling the back (north) fence so that I can use the fence to support Grape vines and Sweet Peas; the outside layer, will keep deer from eating the food growing on the inside layer.
My task today is to assemble the small Cedar planters that will go somewhere in the vegetable garden, and line them.  
I’ve started my self-portrait for our show here in April.
I’ve (too) many flowers to make still to decorate the hall for the party, but we’ve secured the services of caterers and a DJ so those problems are solved. We’ve also told staff that they have to get the liquor license, buy the booze and manage the bar, so I think we’re done. We’re ready to roll.
And then there’s the vegetable garden. I’ve ordered 50 bamboo poles with which I reckon I can build supports for peas and beans that add to the aesthetics of the garden. Yes, I want a pretty, as well as practical, vegetable garden.
When this Boing problem started, airlines and countries started banning the plane. But neither Canada nor the US. Mark Garneau said: “We’re carefully monitoring the situation.” Yea, Mark, and gambling with human lives! Not Canada, the US or any North American airline; they all placed earnings ahead of safety. It took our governments to do bring the planes down. 
This concern for corporations, jobs and earnings is also at the heart of the SNC Lavalin scandal. I wonder when government stopped serving the people?

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