Tuesday, March 5, 2019

A Serious Work Day

Monday dawned crystal clear and cold. At 6:30 it was -6°! This could be the longest stretch of weather this cold in local history. But I had a busy day, starting with a community dog walk.
Then it was time for moving soil into the beds: Dig, tote, dump and repeat. And repeat and repeat. Okay, to be accurate: Each bed requires eighteen wheelbarrows of soil and each wheelbarrow contains twelve shovels full of soil; I shoveled four hundred and thirty shovels full of soil today. I ached, my shoulders ached, my back was ruined and one wrist was throbbing when I stopped for lunch. At least it had warmed up to 3°. 
Scott, the arborist, and Evan, his assistant, worked on trimming trees to open up more of the canopy. Their work is fabulous; it has really opened up my yard to more light.
I’m terribly impressed with Scott. He shakes hands on arrival and has impeccable interpersonal relation skills. He’s clear about what he’s going to do and fully consultative. He’s a gentleman and I’m grateful to have someone with grace to work with. (And he’s the handsomest man I’ve ever seen on Gabriola.)
Each limb he severs from the tree descends down a guide rope to Evan; nothing on the ground gets damaged. It’s slow work but what a reward! Like soil, light is an invaluable commodity.
It went better in the afternoon; I got get the second bed filled in an hour-and-a-half. It’s dark, rich, moist soil mixed with fish manure; it smells dreadfully, and it’s heavy. I mix peat moss into it as I work. 
Scott and Evan left at five and I got into the hot tub as quickly as I could after they left. Then I built up the fire, nice and hot, and settled in for the evening with my beloved pets. 
Scott will be back March 18 to do more work on the other side of the yard. And I got a real break: My neighbour has given me permission to trim a tree on her property that blocks a lot of light from coming into my yard.

Jody Wilson-Raybould & Jane Philpott

The gloves are off.  Now Jane Philpott, the Treasury Board president has resigned from Cabinet—again, not from the party. It’s extraordinary to watch a political leader being “taken down” by his most respected colleagues … um … right before an election. 
Meanwhile in the US, Hillary Clinton says she won’t run in 2020. Praise Jesus. The famous loser says she’s going to “help the Democrats win back the White House.”  You mean, like last time, Hil? 
It’s cloudy today but I’ve to keep going with the vegetable garden. Today’s goal, after I go into the lab for blood tests, is to line and fill bed #3. If I’m terribly ambitious, I will also try to line #4 (the last one). The weather forecast looks good all the way until next Monday. That bodes well for my incoming guests and for finishing the yard work. I’ve a lot of soil—more than I needed for the vegetable beds—to spread around the yard.

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