Saturday, March 9, 2019

My fridge has (virtually) disappeared.

At noon, yesterday, shortly after Paula left, the sun came out. What a miracle, after snow in the morning. And it’s slowly warming up. Finally! Just before 2:00, Sheba and I went to pick up Dwight at the seaplane terminal where we dropped Paula off this morning.
Dwight was happy to be flying on so beautiful an afternoon. He was in great spirits when he arrived so we began his visit with a walk in Drumbeg. It was lovely to be with him because he kept commenting on how beautiful the island is.
We came home and I found I had ingredients for him to make himself a martini. I had booze in the shed, still wrapped in bubble wrap from my move here a year-and-a-half ago. I’d prepped some sandwich filling, salad and had my soup for us to share for dinner. Then we watched some TV and went to bed.
Today dawned beautifully. We ate, had a nice chat and then got to work: We moved my fridge to beside a closet; it virtually disappeared. And then we put a cupboard up where the fridge had been and then I cleaned up whilst Dwight fixed my best reading light in my living room that has never worked.
Moving the fridge has opened up my kitchen. In fact the whole place gets much more light. It was a brilliant thing to do. I saw the possibility only just the other day and told Dwight. He agreed instantly in the wisdom of the move and, snap, it was done.  
I’m thrilled with the change; it’s a magnificent improvement. I’ve already ordered a table to go under the cupboard giving me precious kitchen counter space.

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