Sunday, March 17, 2019


Saturday was really lovely. It was bright, sunny and warm and so Sheba and I started our day with a nice long walk.
I feel the change of seasons deeply here. I’m out on the land every day—my land and the expansive forest wherein I walk Sheba—and I don’t have any heat at night, so I notice changes in the weather. In Winter I live indoors. Now I’m outside for most of every day. It’s ideal weather; I can work in a t-shirt and sweater without sweating.
There’s a lot to do around the yard, but there are no deadlines. It’s wonderful to have so many self-determined tasks to engage me. I moved here in October (2017); last summer was my first and I made mistakes in my plantings. Now I know how the light hits my land and so this summer I can correct my errors.
I packed down the planters and discovered I had much more soil to put into each one. I tire easily from endless bending, shoveling, lifting and dumping, so I had to take a few breaks during the day. I found a bunch of large round plastic plant pots when I was cleaning up the shed, so I cut out the bottom, filled them with soil and put them against the fence to use for planting sweet peas and Blueberry bushes. 
I’m calling my vegetable garden, Eden. I actually got to plant Radishes. Imagine that! Actual seeds in ground!  
Today it’s expected to reach sixteen degrees. I’m going on the large community dog walk and then coming home to do more topping-up of the planters and more actual planting. Spinach, salad greens and Beets go in today. I didn’t turn the fountain on yesterday; I will today. I hope it works. And I’ve got a lot more soil to move. My back is going to break. 
I watched Leaving Neverland, the doc about Michael Jackson’s molestation of two boys, and I shouldn’t have. Now I can’t get it out of my head. It hurt to watch it. I keep telling myself: Think about gardening, think about gardening!

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