Friday, March 15, 2019


The cold frame kits arrived and I spent the morning, after the dog walk, assembling them and, it turns out, altering them to work on my raised bed frame. They will house my salad greens. And the three small planters are installed and filled with soil. The infrastructure of the garden is done—for now.
Click to enlarge.

Above is my plan for Versailles the vegetable garden. It’s my sandbox. In the photos below you can see the cold frames in place. It’s been a lot of work and I’ve enjoyed doing it all (and watching Darrell do hard parts).

The sun struggled to get through the clouds and failed. At least it was bright as I worked. I didn’t need a coat and my heart swelled when paused to take in the majesty of it all.
I dug up my Grapes and transplanted them into new sweet, soft and fertile soil. One in each of two boxes that get the most sunlight. And that was enough to justify a good soak and, as I won’t be lighting fires soon, I am relishing tonight’s.

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