Thursday, March 28, 2019


I loafed the entire sunny day away yesterday. I puttered around the house happy to have no pressing tasks at hand. The message I was receiving from my body yesterday was: “Be at one with the couch.”
The highlight of my day was glancing out the window and catching a glimpse of a row of shoots rising through the dirt in one of my new raised beds. It’s my radishes! They are above ground—well, several of them. I’m as happy as a new father.
But I’m unhappy with my spa and my capacity to manage it; the water has become cloudy again. I’m going to continue to use it because it’s not scary cloudy; I just won’t invite others to use it and I’ll drain it and leave it empty until I fill it again for summer. I’m thinking I may only use it in summer henceforth; it’s big, mechanically complex and expensive like the well/cistern/pump, and I’m not tehnically inclined.
Today is lovely again. I’ve duties to attend to, but I’m going to read for a while. The day is unfolding as did yesterday.

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