Friday, March 29, 2019

Leaving Home

It’s been a stunning day; tomorrow will be as well. I’ve done little all day except to prepare this place for my departure. I leave tomorrow for Vancouver for three whirlwind days; I come home late Monday. I’m going to see several friends, do a little shopping and see Dr. Shoja, whom I haven’t seen in six months.
In advance of visiting her, I’ve been pondering things and I realize that Chris.1, pre-collapse me, lived for attention. ‘He’ put on shows in galleries and on stages, dressed ‘himself’ to be noticed, did public speaking, led workshops, taught and wrote plays and books. I was that person all my life until April 9, 2016. 
Chris.2, my post-collapse self, has turned the tables. I no longer want attention; I do nothing, no projects, to seek it. Plus, I’ve run away to an island of fellow escapists.
I’m glad I will have a beautiful morning to fly through tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to my visits with friends. 
I’ll post again Tuesday.

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