Sunday, March 3, 2019

Total Pleasure!

Saturday dawned in brilliant rose light. I delighted in the sight of the treetops glowing gold when the sun rose above the horizon. I lit my Cedar incense and the sights and smell gave me a rush of goodwill. Spring is coming; warm weather and gardening is coming!
Sheba and I drove all the way to Drumbegfor our walk to celebrate the start of what I knew would to be a wondrous day. 
Can you see how clear the water is? That clarity is what's
so seductive in the summer. It calls you in.

Then I began work on the vegetable garden.
I ordered the soil—all eighteen cubic yards of it. It cost $1,500. The beds, fence and soil totaled around two grand, plus there’s the cost of some  of the arborist’s work opening the forest canopy to increase the light on the garden. I’m going to be growing the world’s most expensive vegetables but the garden will be as much a playground as it is a source of food. I’ve not a cent of regret.
I turned on the radio as I started working; Jussi Bjรถrling was singing Nessun Dormaand (Link) it brought tears to my eyes. And then came folksongs from the British Isles with Lois Marshall and Judy Loman—two masters; one on harp and the other of voice. (Link.) Heaven! I’m going to buy the album.

I listened as I lined the vegetable beds. I did not want treated wood used for the beds, so they have to be lined with plastic. (How things have changed I felt guilty using plastic.) 

What an incredible amount of work this vegetable garden is! I’ve lined only two beds and the first of three loads of six cubic yards of soil, fish compost and peat is here to fill them. There’s a lot to do but I won’t get much done today. I’m going to Nanaimo to meet Tim for lunch and a chat.
As anticipated, Nosy Neighbour asked me why the RCMP was here. I said: “I’m sorry, but I can’t talk about that because the investigation is ongoing. And remember: Innocent until proven guilty.” (The police were here because I called them to ask them what to do with the Deer carcass on my property.)

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