Thursday, March 21, 2019

Summer is Here

It was 21° yesterday afternoon! It was summer and yet last week there was still snow on the ground in some shady places in the woods. And today is supposed to be similar. 
Wednesday was a wonderfully productive day. I started working on indoor improvements at 5:00 am and I didn’t stop until almost six last night. I had a spa, then dinner and went I went to bed at 7:30; I was staggering I was so tired by the time I retired.
And I’m excited about doing as much work today. I’ve been outside since 6:30. It’s gorgeous again and I love having the work to do. It pulls Sheba and I outdoors; she explores the neighbourhood and I work. Today I’m adding soil to, and seeding, part of the back yard and cleaning up the front beds.
Some of us may be starting a Tuesday/Thursday small dog-walking group. That’d leave me on my own only on Saturdays.
My meeting with the executive director on Tuesday has produced a detailed report showing all current fundraising objectives, past performance in each category and the current status of each revenue stream against those objectives. It’s certainly had a hugely positive impact on me and tomorrow, at our work party here, I’ll hear the reaction of my Selfie colleagues.
I’m booked for Vancouver March 30 – April 1 (Dr. Shoja and visits with friends), April 27 – 28 (Annabel’s wedding) and May 12-13 (Cathy’s memorial service).

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