Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Sixteen Degrees

You go to your closet and fetch a gumboot—preferably, one that goes high up the calf. You only need one.
Put the gumboot on the floor in the room where the action is, as close to the cats as you can. Then wait. When the cats show signs of disengagement, go back to the gumboot, pick it up (holding it upright) and go outside.
Turn the boot upside down and give it a mighty shake—you may have to shake it a few times—and the mouse will fall out and run away. Gumboots provide a harmless and sure-fire escape capsule for little rodents; I’m an all-animal fan.
Scandal! At yesterday’s fundraising committee meeting, in response to my question about the “deficit,” we learned that we are, in fact, supporting an annual operational shortfall. Expenses are exceeding revenues regularly and there’s increasing opposition to the policy.
The board has emphatically stated that they want no debt, but no consequences have been stated. Consequently, staff members continue to present deficit budgets for their projects. Yesterday, our Selfiesubcommittee met here. There are two board members on it and they are angry that we are supporting operational deficits (and so am I). Faith in the staff is waning, I’m afraid, and I wonder what lies ahead.
I’m awarding myself a PhD in Spa-ology. I have pristine, perfectly clear water. My test strips, with which I evaluate my water quality, tell me it’s perfectly balanced. For the first time since moving here, the water is not just clean, it’s “soft” (the pH is ideal). I’ve learned a lot. Getting into it last night was a real treat.
It’s really lovely again today. 
I went on a dog walk and have come home to work on the huge flower prototype for the April party. In the afternoon, I’m going to a local woodworking studio to check out a bench to use as a coffee table in my living room. And tonight: More flowers.
But my mind is only on one thing: The sunshine and 16° temperatures predicted for Sunday and next week.  Winter is over; I know it and I’m totally stoked.
Anna, with whom I dog walk, told me Darrell is coming here to finish my vegetable garden fence. That, too, excites me. I can hardly wait to start planting.

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