Saturday, March 16, 2019

Celebrating Spring

I had a seizure last night when I was here alone, so it ain’t over. I was so sure I was over them, but I’m not. However, I’m not freaked out; it’s my third “anniversary” of having seizures and stuttering in three weeks. I’ve decided I’m going swimming this summer anyway—safely, but I’m doing it.
Today I'm topping up the raised beds; the soil is going to settle, so I want to fill them to the brim. Then I'm transferring the Wisteria. After that, I'll tidy up the shed and my studio because my focus on the garden had me just tossing stuff into both buildings helter-skelter.
Then I'll uncover my courtyard fountain and fill it with water. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate the arrival of Spring.
Good news about the Selfie project that I’m doing with the Arts Council. 
     -  We’ve run out of panels so I’m making a hundred more this week.
     -  Two local food entrepreneurs are going to provide all the refreshments (keeping their earnings).
         I’m glad our committee doesn’t have to do all that work.
     -  Council staff will manage the bar. Again: No work for us.
     -  We’ve hired our DJ for music/dancing.
     -  We’ve got twelve volunteers lined up to help set up and clean up after the party.
The party was not our idea.
Our self-determined project was to stage the Selfie  show as a fundraiser, charging for the panels. But when we looked at the Island calendar of events, the best time to put our mural of selfiestogether was mid-April. That’s when the Council’s Island of the Arts Festival (of workshops) happens.
The Council used to close the festival with a party but they dropped that tradition last year so we decided to revive it, charge ten dollars for admission (children are free) and assemble the mural then and there. That meant staging a party. Not my cup of tea. But we’ve found a way to do it easily and it involves other islanders, so I’m happy.
There’s no denying that the Selfie show—the idea of a massive show of self-portraits, no matter how talented or untalented the submissions—is a hit. That bodes well for the party so all our work (and my idea) may serve the Council well.
Today is supposed to be mixed cloud and sunshine—and warm (13°). Then we’re supposed to get five days of sunshine and temperatures around 16°! And I’ve got a large pile of soil with which to tidy up my gardens and renew my hanging baskets.
My yard is my playground.

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