Saturday, March 23, 2019

Summer Continues

It was supposed to rain yesterday and today. Instead, it’s been sunny and bright both days so I have to water the gardens today. I reckon it hasn’t rained here for almost three weeks.
Yesterday I did a little yard work but I wasn’t into it at all. I was tired, so in the afternoon I did a lot of chilling. I did, however, I did get 100 envelopes prepared for new kits for our Selfie project.
I started today with a hot tub as the sun rose to bless us with yet another fabulous day. My ambition for the day is to move the rest of the left over soil to a storage place in the backyard and to plant the garlic Elaine gave me. This afternoon I’m going to an 80thsurprise birthday party for Gisela, who’s part of our dog-walking group.
I don’t expect any visitors here until the end of July. I’ve not had many this year, just Paula and Dwight, back-to-back, last month and Dianne last Fall, so I’ve spent nearly all my time alone since last September. I thrive on solitude here. It was not that way in the city. Something about living in the city made me crave company.
Last Spring I saw an old gentleman working in his garden. He lives where Wild Rose intersects Buttercup and seeing him at work whilst in his wheelchair gave me a rush of good feeling. I thought: If he can keep at it, so can I.
I saw him again the other day and he waved to me. I was overjoyed to see him. He was shoveling fresh dirt onto his garden with one hand; he needed the other to support himself. I resolved to stop next time to say Hello and to tell him about the hope and pleasure the sight of him gives me.
I’m high on this weather and the beauty of my home and yard—high on vitamin D.
I want to get some vines going on the house—Clematis or Virginia Creeper. Pinecone Park  will enter the cute zone if I do. I’ve chosen a place to plant it but before I do, I need to see what I can do to protect it until it is established so that the deer won’t eat it.

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