Friday, October 18, 2019

Blissful Idylls

All I did, yesterday, after Di and DR left was chill; I was one pooped puppy! Sheba slept most of the day, too. And that, I reckon, was good for the healing of her sore foot. 
But I have to be a working human being today; I can’t be idle as I was yesterday. 
I went to the dog walk and talked with Regina about Sheba. Regina’s renowned locally for her knowledge of pet care.  She thinks Sheba has a sprain and is not in need of a vet; she recommended rest, no running and she suggested an herbal medicine called Ruta. I’m relieved and will ensure Sheba gets lots of rest (and love).
Today I’ll do as I choose. I have no guests scheduled at all and I’ve virtually nothing on my plate. I feel my ties to Vancouver friends who don’t visit, slipping away. At the same time, I feel more comfortably here I develop relationships with people here.
I have to go to Jay’s place today to collect his mail and check on his plants. And I’ve shopping to do. Other than that, I’ll read and likely bake.
It’s October 18th! I didn’t make note of my second anniversary of living here in Pinecone Park on October 7th. That date also marks three-and-a-half years since my breakdown. I did not foresee my breakdown, obviously, but nor did I imagine myself moving to an island. But here I am and I’m extraordinarily happy here.
The day dawned beautifully but the clear blue sky has slowly turned to grey. 

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