Monday, October 7, 2019

No Power Sunday

Well, what do you know: Rain today but then we’re expected to get a week of sunshine. That’ll be wonderful!
Saturday, almost the whole day was spent dealing with Shaw cable because my TV stopped working. I won’t bore you with details about getting hung up on, hours of waiting and endless misdiagnoses. In the end, Shaw finally admitted it was their equipment and a technician is coming here tomorrow to get things back to normal.
And yesterday was trying in a different way: We had no power all day because Hydro was fixing something. They’d forewarned us but as with any change in routine, it affects me. My bloody f*ucked up brain is not happy with disorder or any change to my life.
When I was a high school drama teacher, one of my most ideal students was a young man named Danny. He was thoroughly dependable, hard working and the sweetest kid you could ever meet. He was in several of my classes over the two years I taught and he was part of every play we undertook. I absolutely adored him.
About twenty years ago, I found out where he was on the Internet and wrote to him but I got no reply. When I ran into one of his classmates one day, I mentioned that I’d tried to reach out to Dan but had received no reply and his former friend told me that Dan had become a devout Christian and that he was fiercely anti gay. I was really sad to hear that.
When Stephanie, another of his classmates, recently wrote. It got me thinking about trying again to reach out to Dan — carefully. So I searched him again and discovered that he had suffered a heart attack and died suddenly at age 62 this past summer. 
I was sad to discover I could never talk to him again. I was sad not to feel inclined to tell his family about his remarkable youth and the love we all had for him.  I adored the Danny I knew but the Christian man was, I believe, a horror.
Want to see a moving and clever political ad? It’s for the Liberals (just so you know); it’s done by Joyce Murray and it is entirely about policy—and important policy—but it is also an entirely human story of one person. Check it out here.
Today I’m going on the dog walk with my friends and coming home to enjoy a day with electricity—a day back to normal. It’s dull and damp today, but it’s not raining; I’ll spend the day chillin’ and resting for the week of sunshine starting tomorrow.

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