Thursday, October 17, 2019


Dianne and DR left this morning after a great, great visit. Every minute felt comfortable and we were all so easy about what we did. The wet weather was not at all a concern. Each night we played cards; I’ve come to love the camaraderie that occurs playing games together.
Yesterday, after our walk, Sheba was limping and soon that progressed to not putting any weight at all on her right forepaw. She seemed otherwise, quite fine and is much better today—she’s barely even limping. But I’ll have a big consult with Regina tomorrow morning and we may make a visit to a Nanaimo vet just to be sure all possible is done.
Today has been, and will continue to be, a day of rest. There’s lots of lovely blue sky and sunshine is making my yard look beautiful, so a long leisurely spa, taking it all in, is definitely part of today’s plan. Sheba and I will both benefit from a nice quiet day together with our feline friends at Pinecone Park.
I have “forever” ahead of me. I have no scheduled visitors, winter looms and there is naught but rain in the forecast. 

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