Thursday, October 10, 2019

Chop Chop

Well I went on the dog walk and found myself walking with Anna and Judith. I mentioned a political ad I liked for Joyce Murray that features one Syrian immigrant’s story. Judith was interested; Anna, however, went on a bit of a rant about immigration and revealed herself to be very  pro-Bernier and a disbeliever in climate change. This is the woman I took a gift to yesterday and like very much!
Judith’s eyebrows were sky high. I was shocked. Anna also told me that I should have Sheba sit on my feet to stop my migraines because it would draw the energy from my head to my feet. And I wonder why I like being alone!
As I chopped wood, I tried to parse why I enjoyed it so much. It seems odd to enjoy so uncreative a task, but I also like doing laundry—especially hanging things on the line. That seems odd to me as well, but both jobs are new activities, are practical and not urgent, plus it’s light and I don’t have to do it day after day.
When the chopping was done, I did some window cleaning and sweeping of the deck and courtyard. It was cold (at 7°) but bright and sunny and sunshine really buoys my spirits.
This morning, Sheba and I went on a long walk. It was the first morning with frost and I must try to remember to take my camera tomorrow because the frost on the Ferns is gorgeous. And the mushrooms! Oh my God there are a lot of them. They are everywhere and in all kinds of forms and colours. I’ve go to do some learning about them!
I noticed as I walked that there was total silence. There was no birdsong at all, whereas here at Pinecone Park the sound of birds is constant and I absolutely love  it.
Being on top of all my chores—I was busy all day yesterday)—I can have relax today. But I’m going into the village to get supplies with which to do some baking and cooking for the meal I’m serving Adrienne and Christian on Saturday.

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