Monday, October 28, 2019

Cool and Bright

It’s cold again; it was -1° when I got up. There’s no end in sight to these days of brilliant sunshine and cold nights. When I get up in the morning, I light a raging fire. I keep it high until all the rocks of the chimney are hot to the touch. If I do that, the thick, thick logs of my home heat up and the house stays warm all the rest of the day with just a small fire. I know how to live here now!
It’s exciting to be outdoors, even though it’s cold. I got out there as soon as I got back from the dog walk and doing some grocery shopping. I won’t bore you with the minutiae of the day, but I will mention the brilliance (from my point of view) of moving the bird feeders to atop the fence directly outside my window. I get a much  better view of my Jay family and all my avian friends now.
Now I have to wait to see if the birds find the new location. I’m certain they will.
Sheba has an obnoxious habit: She barks at “strangers.” By “strangers” I mean everyone. She settles down quickly, but when I let her free range she goes ballistic at passers by. She doesn’t threaten them. She’s not aggressive; she’s just very loud.
Last week she did it to Kevin (my secret crush) and his dog, Oso, so I went out and called her. She ignored me. I tried every verbal command I know and used a threatening tone; still she ignored me. So when I got to her, I spanked her—just once, but hard. She elped and I felt sick inside. I really regretted striking my beloved buddy for the rest of the day.
But …
Guess what: It worked! Now, when she starts to bark at people, I can go to the gate or the front door and call her and she comes to me right away. I never  want to spank her again but I’m gad I did that one time.

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