Thursday, October 3, 2019


Back to rain and back to cooking and baking.
Yesterday was busy: I went on the dog walk, then did a big shop for all the things I need for tomorrow night’s dinner for four. Then I made a big stir fry for my lunch and dinner and cookies to sweeten my week. After that, Keith arrived and we got all the rest of his Marijuana hung in the studio.
I was pooped last night when I collapsed on the couch to watch The Great Canadian Baking Show.
This is weird: Yesterday morning I got an email from my cousin Joanne. She wrote to say that she and her husband had befriended a younger couple near them in Victoria and the husband, Paul, is a former student of mine from way, way back. I remember him vividly because he was such a fine and friendly young man.
I taught for the two academic years between September 1970 and June 1972; I quit as soon as I legally could and not lose my teaching license. I was a drama teacher and I had to put on two productions each year with the drama club—it was extracurricular work, and through it I met some amazing young people like Paul.
Then—and this still amazes me—maybe half-an-hour later I got an email from a former student, Stephanie, and she was every bit as fabulous as Paul. I had tears in my eyes as I read it. I rather adored her.
They were fifteen to seventeen year olds; I was twenty-two and teaching in the high school I’d attended for grades seven to thirteen. (Grade thirteen allowed accelerates to be one year older when entering university; we went into second year.) They were like friends to me; I was far, far closer to them than my fellow teachers.
Steph and I had some quick back and forth emails, but she said a big tome is forthcoming and I hope to reach Paul through Joanne.
This looks juicy! It’s the trailer for The True Adventures of David Copperfield and it’s got a galaxy of stars in it. I can hardly wait to see it! Here’s the link.
Today is all about baking and prepping things for tomorrow’s bake. I’m looking forward to tonight when I’ll try to bake a meringue basket for a Pavlova I plan to make tomorrow.

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