Wednesday, October 9, 2019

My Life is (Wonderfully) Dull

This was taken last night off my front porch. It's the sun
shining on a huge cumulonimbus cloud at sunset.

The sun came out at 10:00 am yesterday morning and it was welcome! The Shaw technician arrived not long after 10:00 and now I have faster Internet and a new DVR. As soon as he left, I was into the spa looking up at clear blue sky.
And then the rest of the day went by and now it’s today. The one thing out of the norm that I did was to “drop by” Anna’s place with a gift I got her for caring for Sheba about a week ago. I stayed for tea while our dogs played; her dog, Minjou, is Sheba’s best mate.
At precisely 8:00 am this morning, it was still 0°! But it’s going to be sunny today and for the next few days and so I’m going to chop some wood. To my surprise, I enjoy making kindling. 
Life has slowed right down. I just stay home all day with my pets. I interact with each of them for a good while every day. I read, I eat, I have spas and I do housekeeping; that’s about it. And, of course, I keep the fire going—and right now, two fires. I’ve a few more days of heating the studio as Keith and my Marijuana crop dries.

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