Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Di & DR: Day One

Di and DR arrived at 12:30. They settled in and I got lunch out of the warming oven—a stir-fry; it was already to go. After lunch we chatted a while and then Keith arrived so he and I harvested the dried buds off out the Marijuana stalks (giving me my studio back for leaf work) whilst the ladies read.
By the time Keith and I were finished harvesting, DR and Dianne were well underway with dinner. They made a fabulous dinner of mixed fish coated in crushed Rice Krispies because I had no Panko. Then the highlight of the visit to date: We played Cribbage and had lots of fun together. DR won!
This morning I’ve left a note and a roaring fire and gone on the dog walk. Today will roll out as comfortably as yesterday—and tonight, more Cribbage.

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