Thursday, October 24, 2019

No Migraine!

Victory! Yesterday I didn’t have a migraine for the first time in four days! And Sheba’s paw is getting better daily.
Wednesday began in splendor that faded to dry grey dullness. I did more work with my leaves and then decided to test my generator. It didn’t work. It never works. F**k! So Darrel is coming by this afternoon to see if he can get this hugely expensive machine going. And if he does, I am going to run it for a few minutes every month from now on, to keep it at the ready.
My friend Bruce left yesterday for Japan and China. He’s gone with our mutual friend, Bill. Every time someone I know goes to China, I think of an email I got once from my friend David who ventured there long ago for work.
The title of the email was “Breakfast.” It contained no text. There was only a photograph of things on a plate. David’s adventurous; he once lived in Borneo. He loves eating new things. He sent the photo to convey his delight. But all I saw was colour and texture I in no way wanted in my mouth—ever, let alone at 8:00 am.
It’s with great satisfaction and pride that I can say: I mowed my new self-seeded backyard lawn yesterday! Well, not all of it—just the part that needed it. And it looks great! It’s wonderful to go out there and feel so good about all  I see. 
Today I am going to try to fix the front door handle. As Gilda Radner said: “It’s always something.” (I loved her!) Sigh. Other options include cleaning the barbeque and/or the car. Life is terribly exciting at Pinecone Park, isn’t it!

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