Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Sunshine and Fewer Liberals

There’s not a cloud in the sky and it’s warm and there’s not a single Liberal seat in the Prairies. This break in the rain was not expected but the next two weeks look pretty good suddenly.
I went on the dog walk Monday morning—part of it, in the rain. I came home and started reading a New Yorker  and then had another migraine so I’m pissed right now because yesterday I had a cluster migraine. I floated, soulless, though my errands and slept a lot. 
I have no idea why the migraines; nothing has changed in my life. Sheba’s tolerating my lethargy well, however; the rain is almost as comforting as the fire. I feel terribly cozy in the warm cabin and the dark wet view outside.
I had plans for the afternoon that went unfulfilled. I did not want to breathe Varathane whilst feeling so poorly. 
The night ended in relief: I’m glad the Liberals—even with their puppet leader—will stay in power. They are responsible for the loss of their majority; Trudeau made mistakes. But thank God  we will not be governed by Andrew Scheer. And I’m really  glad Maxime Bernier lost his seat.
I was also impressed with some of the speeches I heard from losing MPs: Ralph Goodale (L) made a beautiful concession speech, and so did Lisa Raitt (C). I thought, “how Canadian.” It made me proud. And just before I went to bed, Jody Wilson-Raybould was declared the winner in Vancouver Granville. 
Today I’ll watch the sunrise in the glory of the spa. I love the glorious early morning light on such a morning, and then Her Highness and I will have a short walk. Later, I’ll make some headway with the leaves—I’d very  much like to get through the day without a migraine. Adrienne is coming over at 5:00 to look at Sheba’s paw that is still bothering her (but not much, thank God).

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